Comprises of Standardised physical & Psychological assessments and Evolutional tools which are used for Clinical Research, Education and Professional Practice

Standardised outcome measure is a tool used to assess the current status of the patient and the score gives a baseline data for the therapist to evaluate the patient in various domains such as physical, psychological, cognition, sensory motor, daily living skills and work etc.

Standardised assessments assists in assessing patients with intelectual disabilies, mental illnesses, brain injuries and cognitive deficits. These tests assist therapists to provide measurable, objective data that gives patients skill and suitability of the treatment plan and also useful for measuring knowledge, ability, personality style, values, occupational interests and motives. It helps patients to gain insight into their cognitive abilities, critical reasoning and behaviour tendencies.

Use of these standardised measure helps in comparing outcomes of various interventions and approaches used in treatment and also it supports the evidence based practice in therapeutic interventions. Psychometric lab equips the student to learn and practice by using the standardised assessments and evaluations to provide exceptional care and therapy to individual patients.


ADL lab has a setup of simulated home environtment. It is installed with mocked up toilet, bathroom, kitchen and bed room.

The purpose of an ADL assessment is to help reduce the impact of an injury or illness of a patient enabling a speedy recovery within the shortest possible time. The ADL evaluation also helps the therapist to determine the patients work capacity.

The ADL lab is used to introduce and train the students to learn simulation of activities of daily living and gain knowledge on how to use activity as therapeutic tool to train the patients to carry out their basic tasks at home.

The lab consist of various adoptive and assistive devices for students to learn and practice to assist/support the patient to increase their optimal ability to sucessfully perform the Activities of Daily Living.


Purpose of the Splint Lab is to provide the students of Occupational Therapy to learn and up skill their knowledge in Principles and procedures of splint making. It enables the students to learn and practice the Assessment of the need, Design and Fabrication and Follow-up procedures after prescription of the splint. Splint lab is equiped with splinting tools including splint pans, wires, knives, scissors, heat guns, rivet guns, pliers and T-anvils.

Custom Hand Orthosis commonly referred as a brace or splint. Hand splints are made specifically for the patients medical and functional needs. Splints are made of moldable thermoplastic materials and are made to fit individuals hand, wrist, elbow, fingers, or in a combination of all areas.Splinting is one of the specialised intervention to decrease spasticity, prevent or correct contracture, position to enhance biomechanical advantage, protect joint integrity, and reduce pain in adults with a orthopaedic and neurological condition.

Students who are trainined and given the information and working knowledge to more confidently and effectively make splints, appropriate material selection, identifying appropriate pre-cut or splinting sheet material for use and special considerations or appropriate modifications based on the patients need.


Walking school is to ensure the rehabilitation of patients and provide functional restorative management in patients with various neurological, orthopaedic,paediatric and geriatric patients.

walking school physiotherapy college walking school physiotherapy college walking school physiotherapy college

Electrotherapy machines are a popular modality used in Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation. It uses an electrical machine that delivers electrical impulse to a patient body. This stimulation is done in order to promote and facilitate muscle healing and tissue regeneration.


Computer lab

The college has high-tech advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, plotters, photocopying machine and video cameras etc.

computer lab


The college library has good collections of titles in Occupational Therapy and there are about 500 titles and 1500 volumes are available. Internet facilities are available for the students in the college and library. The library regularly subscribes National and International journals in Occupational Therapy.


Lecture Halls

The college has high-tech advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, plotters, photocopying machine and video cameras etc.

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Sports activities are very essential for every human life. Sports inculcate in students the importance of a healthy lifestyle, good balance of physical and mental growth, which helps tone muscles and makes bones strong. This makes students active and also promotes good mental health including improved mood, enhancing sense of well-being, reducing anxiety, combating negative emotions and protecting against depression. This motivates them to take part and exhibit their talent in sports and games and facilitates them to excel in the intercollegiate and university sports meets.

Regular participation in sports activities students learn and build abilities and skills such as leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, self-reliance, and trust. This helps and prepares them to handle and face situations that come with life. It has great importance in each stage of life. It also improves the personality of people.